I will be your guardian when all is crumbling; I'll steady your hand

Don't appear to care that I saw you and I want you

adam lambert cullen
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Andrea Cori name born from a typo of my own name. I'm special like that. too good to ignore. is a fangirl, random and loud. She is also kind but sometimes has a temper and yet around new people she can be either shy or obnoxious. She is loyal and always there for her friends. Kindhearted and ready to help anyone who needs help.

She's easily distracted by shiny things, so smack her when needed! She enjoys to read, write and spam music to anyone who is willing to listen. Slowly, this girl is turning into a bit of a spazz and will abuse capslock when need be, especially during a thunderstorm. And she has no idea what else to say about herself. Fail.

Fandoms involves a long list so here is the basics. Xenosaga, Persona 3 and 4, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Watchmen, .hack//, Charmed, Eragon and Final Fantasy 7 and 10 & finally Transformers.

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