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christmas cards

:) A lot of you have been amazing this past month and a half. A lot of you have been dealing with my bitching and depressing and suicidal crap.

And no matter how many times I say thank you, I feel bad because I want to do more :<


I wasn't originally gonna send them but I decided to do it anyway :) So all comments will be screened, so if you'd like a card from me (plus personal message) just leave your address.

If you want my address, just lemme know and I'll send it to ya.
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in which I distract myself [ NANOWRIMO ]

NaNoWriMo is in a few days. I've got to stop being depressed and hating life and stop being distracted by the Sims and continue to plot!

Though I don't know my main character, Astrid's personality. I really need to figure out what I'm going to do for her... Since y'know... the entire thing is from her pov. As in first person. Blegh.

but here's a nano meme I found somewhere looking for nano memes to get me in the full-nano-mood!

Also if anyone else is doing nano and would like to add me, go ahead :D~ I'll add back and stuffs. nano profile

Working Title: Black Heaven
Genre: Modern Supernatural
Projected Word Count: 50k and up.

Have an outline? Sort of! What I'm doing is making a character list with what their role is and kind of their reason for being there. Example (taken from David's): "Sound Elemental. After he realizes what he is, he decides to take advantage of it and starts a band."
Other than that? noooot really. I've been picky with my characters for the past few weeks. (:( I'm sorry sheishungry for dealing with my raegy flail)
Scene-by-scene?: LOL. Oh god, a lot of scenes are plotted in my head and the really cool ones I just want to start writing as soon as nano starts and then fill in the blanks. However, in the past, when I've done that... i-i sorta :( lose motivation to fill in the blanks and said story falls apart. So, it's pretty much a learning experience for me, this year! To try and be patient!
Know how it starts? For the third person chapter? Yes. To start of Astrid's story? No. It's kinda like... an event before the story happens that the reader gets to read. Chapter ends and the main character starts her story.
Know how it ends? Kinda of? I know I plan for a three-book story. However this is the tricky part. Do I want to do that for NaNo or do a quicker version of the story. The fun thing is, the entire story is the usual 'end of the world' theme. This much is planned out. There will be two endings. Where both sides win but while I want Lucifer to canonly win... it all depends on how everything in my story falls into place.
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Roleplay is suppose to be fun.

All right! Here is a little reminder!

Roleplay is suppose to be fun! We're suppose to be enjoying it and laughing and causing our muses pain. We're getting our thinking juices on a roll and being creative with plots and what we post about.

So why do we have to completely shoot a person down? Stomp on their ideas and crush their hopes?

Make secrets about them and laugh at them behind their backs? There are some situations that may call for it. If they've done OOC drama. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the game, roleplaying itself. Ignore the muns. Ignore the drama.

If you're having fun, then that's all that matters, right?

It should. You shouldn't be bitching about a muse because you hate the mun unless the character is out of character.

Point of rambling is: roleplay is fun. It's not suppose to be serious business...